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Jennifer Lopez releases a new movie… Here’s what critics and fans think

By Sigourney Bell

Jlo releases new movie This Is Me… Now as a chronicle to her previously scrutinized love life. The movie or musical includes musical numbers that showcase songs from her new album also labeled This Is Me… Now.

With a pretty stacked cast of celebrities like Post Malone, KeKe Palmer, Sofía Vergara, Trevor Noah, Derek Hough and her current husband Ben Affleck, fans were curious to see the direction the film took. However, let’s just say it’s not the hit movie Jlo might’ve assumed it would be. 

Despite a rotten tomatoes review of 75%, fans were confused by the film to a laughable extent.

Via IMDb

Some called it a “rambling mess” while others said “the second-hand embarrassment while watching this is just painful.” Contradictory to fans, critics found the movie endearing, dazzling, visually stunning and ambitious. 

To compliment her new movie, Jlo released a 90-minute documentary, The Greatest Love Story Never Told, 11 days later to detail the creative process and provide insight to the story that inspired her new film.

After the documentary’s release, fans took to Tik Tok to laugh at the audacity of it all. Many felt Jlo’s film was a vanity project, some called Jlo delusional and most were shocked anyone would agree to even be in the film. Tik tok users also called the movie a “Jlo advertisement” reinforcing the movie’s disingenuous feel. 

My favorite review was from user leigh-00745 on ImDb who said, “I cannot fathom the level of ego and cognitive dissonance required to believe that not only was the world waiting with baited breath to see a feature film that details your love life, but that’s it’s wise to spend 20 million of your own dollars producing it.” Pretty much sums it up wouldn’t you say?

However don’t let the bad reviews of the movie stop you from creating your own opinion of the film. You can stream the movie and documentary on Amazon Prime Video.

Happy viewing!

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