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Jackson Masters: Sunday Spotlight

On the second show of this new season of Sunday Spotlight, Patrick and Aree had on a Syracuse native artist by the name of Jackson Masters. Now at this moment, Jackson has a few songs released on all major streaming platforms and is planning on releasing a lot more in due time. 

The first of Jackson’s songs played on Sunday Spotlight is an unreleased song titled “Burger King.” Now this song was written by Jackson about four years ago and was made primarily just for fun and as a joke. He wrote it about immaturity in relationships and things that felt big at the time but looking back weren’t so big. He took major inspiration from The Cars and Weezer for the music like the synths and heavy drums used in the song. 

When asked about what he feels and wants from his music, he said “I wanted the sounds to tell as much of the story as lyrics.” He then goes on to explain the ins and outs of his music creation. Jackson grew up on a farm where he used the space he had to work and write songs on his own and also built his own recording studio. Jackson talks about how when he is in the studio, he focuses more on the process than the results. He wants to learn new ways to make music and how to play instruments he doesn’t fully know. Also while talking, Jackson gave a lot of credit to his band for helping him do what he loves and produce great sounding music. 

When asked what he thinks is his “best song,” Jackson responded by saying “my best song hasn’t been written yet.” While wrapping up the interview, Jackson dropped an important date to look out for. On April 27th 2024, Jackson Masters will be dropping his album Shell Beach Highway, and you can listen to it wherever you stream your music when it releases.

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