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J Balvin takes Billboard behind the scenes of his out of this world Coachella set. The Latin superstar shared his creative vision, a closer look at his alien space ship, bringing the aliens to life, getting Will Smith to make a guest appearance and more on this episode of Tour Stop.

J Balvin:
You know, finally we see that they do exist, you know it’s an official UFO. For the people that are gonna be on mushrooms, they’re gonna enjoy that s–t so bad. Gonna be the best mushrooms of their life.

Cassie Bartho:
Never a dull moment.

J Balvin:
Hey, what’s up? I’m J Balvin, and welcome to my tour stop. Let’s go!

We did Coachella for the first time: 2018 was with Beyoncé. Shout out, Beyoncé! Love you, queen. 2019 we did our show — it was great. And the story it’s once again is the same: I invest all my love, I invest everything, I had to give the people the best.

Ashley Evans:
We’ve done Coachella before with Jose …

J Balvin:

Ashley Evans:
This is my time!

J Balvin:
I know it’s your time. But you know, I just want to let you know that this guys are from another planet. That’s his dad right there. He’s an alien.

Tetris Kelly:
Do you trust him with your set?

J Balvin:
1,000%. It probably wouldn’t be the same stage or show without him.

Ashley Evans:
Our concept for the show was to take people to outer space. We wanted to come up with a message that Jose is from another planet and he’s landed here at Coachella, and he’s got one message for the entire world and the entire festival. It’s like, ‘Let’s f–king party.’

J Balvin:
As a kid, I was have this feeling that aliens do exist in the universe … [it’s] too big. And we got to be too selfish to think that we just the only ones in this universe.

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