Here’s How Tyler, the Creator Reacted to Azealia Banks Wanting Him to Date Lil Nas X

Azealia Banks is playing matchmaker, and she wants to see Tyler, the Creator and Lil Nas X become music’s newest power couple.

Banks posted a lengthy message to Instagram on Sunday (April 7) explaining why she hopes the two talented creatives join forces romantically.

“I really think Tyler the creator and lil nas x should get over their obsession with broke white bussy and become a power couple,” she wrote. “I think the sensationalism of successful black gay men toting trailer a– rent man hookers as arm candy is played , predictable and they’re both obviously being objectified and plotted on by these boys for hire.”

“It would be way more monumental to see [two] young black gay men as an item. Even just for aesthetic reasons,” she added.

The Harlem native continued to harp on why Tyler and Lil Nas “would shift culture so hard”: “Tyler can teach lil nas x how to rap so he can stop doing his Azealia Banks impression and fire all these weird white creative directors who obviously have no point of references or respect for the nuance, sheer musical opulence and political groundwork laid out for him to inherit.”

Tyler hopped into Banks’ comment section laughing at the whirlwind of emotions from AB. “lmfao what the hell,” he wrote seemingly caught off-guard; the comment has earned more than 6,000 likes as of press time.

The Grammy-winning rapper has long been coy about his love life, but comedian Jerrod Carmichael recently opened up about how Tyler rejected his advances during an episode of his new reality show Jerrod Carmichael Reality Show.

“I fell in love with my best friend. one out of 10, don’t recommend,” Carmichael said on the program. “I knew I had to tell him. Things started getting kind of weird between us. I had these feelings… So I texted him. I remember saying, ‘I know you didn’t ask for this, but somewhere down the line I developed feelings for you and I don’t know what to do with that.’ Then I immediately turned my phone off and went into therapy. [Tyler] sent me a voice note. I was so nervous. It was like six seconds … He said, ‘Hahahaha, you stupid b–h.’ And I don’t really know what that means.”

Carmichael wanted Tyler to be his date to the Emmy Awards, but the California native declined the invitation. However, they hashed things out publicly during an interview together on the show. “It’s because I told you I had feelings for you, and we didn’t talk about it, ever,” Carmichael explained. “I feel like you left me hanging out there a little bit.”

Tyler replied with a laugh. “I did. Yeah, I did. And I think I just, like, brushed it off,” he said. “Getting news like that and then avoiding it is a way to avoid change.”

The IGOR rapper said he looks at Carmichael — who narrated on Tyler’s 2019 album — as “truly family” and a “brother.”

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