Funk N’ Waffles x Kyle Micho

By Mia Gonzalez

Sunday, April 7th I had the opportunity to go to Funk N’ Waffles and watch Kyle Micho. From sunset to sundown Micho brought the audience through his personal music journey. Beginning with his sixteen year old self to the present day.

Sixteen year old Kyle decided to begin his music journey by making demos in his room on his iPod Touch. Micho grew up in Baldwinsville, New York and graduated from the S.I. Newhouse School of Public Communications at Syracuse University in 2020. While at school he took the opportunity to make demos at Subcats Studio in Syracuse, New York. His friend Mike who played the drums also joined the recording session and in total they recorded eight songs. He began playing his album “Medium Rare” during the set at Funk N’ Waffles, which was recorded during his eight song session. During his set he spoke about the album name and how it is a play on words for the album being “not quite well done” (Micho).

He then went on to talk about his college experience at Syracuse and how he learned to be present in the moment and how it is reflected through his music. The album “She Is a Song” ponders built up emotions about a previous relationship. He began playing the song “She Is a Song”, and his song expresses how much he loved his girlfriend.

After graduating in 2020, he and his friends decided to go on a cross country road trip. His adventure inspired his song “Say What You Will (But I Love You)” talking about, “loving you friends for their essence and the thing that doesn’t change” (Micho). His friends were there in support of him, and they were all cheering and showing the true meaning of a friendship.

I was able to speak with Kyle after the show, and he explained that beyond his friends, family, and relationships his biggest musical inspirations for his albums are Green Day and The Beatles. Kyle Micho, will continue his musical journey by doing venues and creating music. You can check him out on Spotify, Apple Music, SoundCloud, YouTube Music, Deezer, YouTube, and Pandora!

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