F-M kids make signs of appreciation for bus driver, Miss Debbie

MANLIUS, N.Y. (WSYR-TV) — Kristin Edwards lives in the neighborhood not far from where the video of a car speeding past a school bus as a student was going to get off was captured last Thursday, March 28.

Her children take the same bus.

“That was really hard. I watched it over and over again, I’ve been in touch with the family. I can’t imagine what they had to endure, being literally close to home,” said Edwards.

Now that police are no longer searching for the driver of this car, Edwards is turning her focus to the driver of the bus.

The kids call her Miss Debbie.

“She keeps us all safe,” Edwards said.

They’re not just thankful for how she handled a stressful and terrifying situation, but they want her to know how much they appreciate the love and kindness she shows them every day.

“They are hardly ever excited for Monday to come, but they were excited for Monday to come this time. They’ve just been really excited to just give her the extra love that all bus drivers and transportation staff should have,” Edwards explained.

Extra love, and now — thanks to the families — Miss Debbie has an extra homemade shirt.

Not all heroes wear capes, some drive buses.

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