Eminem Celebrates 16 Years of Sobriety, Gets Hyped For Draft Day in Detroit in NFL Promo Video

Eminem has a lot to celebrate this week. The 51-year-old Rock and Roll Hall of Fame MC posted a single, powerful image on Instagram on Sunday honoring his 16th sober anniversary. The snap featured an image of Marshall’s hand holding a 16-year chip with a tree of life on the front, accompanied by words of support from Em’s longtime manager, Paul Rosenberg, “Sweet 16. So proud of you,” he wrote.

Guitarist/singer John Mayer also gave Em props via a fist pound emoji, as did the MC’s younger brother, Nathan Mathers, who wrote, “Greatest influence and Mentor.” Eminem has been open about his struggles with substances and discussed how it took a “long time” to get his brain to work properly again after a nearly fatal 2007 overdose following a period in which he was taking 75-80 Valium every night.

And, with the 2024 NFL draft just around the corner, Detroit Lions superfan Em teamed up with the leagues commissioner, Roger Goodell, for a new ad hyping the 89th annual draft slated to take place in Marshall’s hometown of Detroit from April 25-27.

“I’m Eminem, this is Roger Goodell and we’re so fired up this year for the NFL Draft,” Em says as he and the commish sit on stools in a dressing room in front of a makeup table, with Shady rocking a Lions sweatshirt. “Live from the D!” Goodell says with requisite cool dad energy. “You can just say Detroit,” Eminem responds in a dead-pan, needle-scratch moment indicating Goodell was doing too much.

“That’s what I said,” Goodell pleads. “You said ‘the D,’” Eminem corrects him. “Detroit!” Goodell doubles-down with a fist-pump as Shady starts to wonder if he’s being punk’d. The 2024 draft begins on Thursday (April 25) at 8 p.m. ET non ESPN.

While the outcome was not what he — and all other long-suffering D Town residents — hoped for, Eminem was on hand earlier this year when Detroit beat the Los Angeles Rams for their first playoff victory in three decades.

Check out Eminem’s posts below.

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