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In this episode of How It Went Down, Dua Lipa talks about an illusion she faced during the talking stage of a relationship, how it led to the creation of her new track “Illusion” and the Spanish twist in her music video.

Dua Lipa:
Hey, this is Dua Lipa, and this is How It Went Down with my song “Illusion” for Billboard.

The songwriting process, it always starts with a “Yap,” how we like to call it with Caroline. I was in a studio in London, where I spent pretty much most of my year and a half writing for this record. Every morning I would go in and I’d have a cup of tea and I would sit with Caroline. And we basically like … it’s a sofa and there’s a little table and we would sit on the floor, in between the sofa and the table, and just start talking about everything that was happening.

I was in, I guess, the “milkshake” of singledom. It’s just like, this crazy roller coaster of just funny stories. And I think it just makes for really good writing. And so I’d go in, and I’d sit with Caroline, who I’ve been working with since my first album. I mean, we’re so close, so I can tell her anything. And we were sitting down and talking.

It’s funny when someone thinks that they can trick you — or they can be an illusion of some sort. And you see right through it, but you choose to, like, play along because it’s just more funny. But you, you know, all the way through, I guess it’s just part of the dating thing, where you’re just kind of just texting at this point, because you’re bored.

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