Doppler radar on wheels gives SUNY Oswego students meteorology experience

OSWEGO, N.Y. (WSYR-TV) — A windy day at Cahill Pier didn’t stop meteorology students from using a doppler radar to see what’s going on in the earth’s atmosphere.

“We’re basically sampling the incoming weather system and recording data with doppler,” said Robert Hallenbeck, a Suny Oswego student. “That is a lufft. We’re recording ground temperature, humidity, sensors.”

They tracked a squall line forming in Oswego and moving towards the Tug Hill.

“We have a strong storm system coming through the area. This technology will get a couple of scans pre-storm,” said Dr. Katelyn Barber, an assistant professor of Meteorology at SUNY Oswego. “Then we’ll use that data, analyze it and compare it what we see on the ground.”

The experiment gave students hands on experience as to how a doppler radar works.

And they’ll use weather balloons to also collect data.

“You get data every one second as the balloon rises through the atmosphere. It goes from the surface all the way up to 17 miles above the surface,” Dr. Barber said. “That whole time it’s sending data back such as temperature, pressure, wind speed, relative humidity.”

“I’m most excited about using the actual equipment, seeing the actual weather, and seeing what it actually looks like,” Hallenbeck said.

Not only are the students using the doppler radar today, but they’ll also be using Monday for the eclipse.

“The doppler radar on wheels truck will head somewhere near Pulaski, to be determined, with a group of students,” Dr. Barber said. “They’ll scan the atmosphere to see how the atmosphere will change during the solar eclipse.”

And you can check out the doppler radar on wheels this Saturday at the Shineman Center from 2-5 p.m. Scientists will walk attendees through how it works and what you could expect to see from it.

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