Community shows their support for fallen Lt. Deputy Hoosock

LYNCOURT, N.Y. (WSYR-TV) — From the expo center, there was an impressive procession from the New York State Fairgrounds to Assumption Cemetery in Lyncourt, on April 22.

The community came together on Monday to pay their respects to fallen officer, Lieutenant Michael Hoosock.

“I brought the kids down because its important for them to see that honor paid to people who serve us everyday, give their lives sometimes in the worst ways so its good for them to see,” said Kristan Wager, who lives in Lyncourt.

Fallen Heroes

Hundreds of people lined the streets outside Assumption Cemetery where the fallen officer was laid to rest. Some of those showing their support say they knew Lt. Hoosock personally.

“You have to. He was a great kid, he was a great man. We had to. We only live up the street and we really didn’t want to worry about having to drive out to the fairgrounds and taking up space for family and stuff like that,” said Roberta Moro, who lives in Lyncourt and knows the Hoosock family.

Others that didn’t know the lieutenant, still showed up.

“I’m glad to see other people here. But I think a lot of the people are here from Lyncourt, so its a good thing,” said Dale Rees, who lives in the Syracuse area.

This is a tragedy that is even affecting our children.

“It makes me happy that they all show support for the people that care the most,” said 10-year-old, Jordan Evans of Lyncourt.

“I just like that everybody is instead of being kept away in their corners, they are all joining together to honor him,” said another 10-year-old, Noelle Wager of Lyncourt.

There is hope for the next generation.

“You hear so much bad about law enforcement and so when you see this, its something you can show your kids and say hey no, we do support the police and its important to show them honor” said Wager.

We will continue to honor our fallen heroes.

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