Bunnie XO Says Jelly Roll Quit Social Media Due to Being Bullied About His Weight

Even hitmaking, award-winning celebrities can be hurt by relentless online bullies. Though singer-songwriter Jelly Roll has multiple No. 1 Country Airplay hits under his belt, sold-out arena shows, Grammy nominations, CMA Awards wins and is in the running for the coveted entertainer of the year accolade at May’s Academy of Country Music Awards, he, like many people, has been the target of online bullies.


In a TikTok video snippet highlighting the Wednesday (April 24) episode of her Dumb Blonde podcast, Bunnie XO, who is married to Jelly Roll, discussed the painful impact online bullying has had on her husband.

“My husband got off the internet because he is so tired of being bullied about his f–king weight,” she says in a TikTok clip shared Sunday (April 21). “And that makes me want to cry, because he is the sweetest angel baby. My husband doesn’t show it to you guys, but I’m going to have a very vulnerable moment here. It hurts him.

“The internet can say whatever they f–king want about you and they say, ‘You’re a celebrity. You’re supposed to be able to handle it.’ No the f–k we’re not … Enough is enough,” she continued. “Don’t bully people, because you never know where they are mentally. There are a lot of people who are not as strong as me, that are on the internet and they don’t deserve to f–kin’ be bullied.”


Jelly Roll has also been open about his struggles with his weight, telling People that he has lost 70 pounds while training to participate in the upcoming 2 Bears 5K on May 7 at the Rose Bowl in Pasadena, Calif.

The entrepreneur also called out internet trolls and bullies who try to intimidate her and her family. “I’m going to stand up for all the f–kin’ underdogs. You’re never going to bully me. You’re never going to lie about me or my family, and I will fight to the end,” she said in the TikTok clip. “I love it when people say, ‘Bunnie is a bad human. Just wait and you’ll see.’ I’ve been on the internet 15 f–kin’ years. When are they gonna see? I’m waiting. What you see is what you get with me. I don’t f–kin’ pretend to be something I’m not … all you gotta do is leave me and my family the f–k alone, and you won’t get called out.”

Watch her talk about Jelly Roll being bullied online below:


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