Boyfriend accused of helping hide 5-year-old’s body to be let out of jail

SYRACUSE, N.Y. (WSYR-TV) — The man accused of helping his girlfriend hide her daughter’s body could be let out of jail any minute.

On Tuesday, 27-year-old Corrice Parks appeared before Onondaga County Court Judge Matt Doran, who acknowledged his legal limits to keeping Parks in jail.

As expected, Parks was granted release because his current charges are not considered bail-eligible under New York State law. The judge instead ordered him to house arrest with a GPS-tracking bracelet.

Parks is accused of helping hide the body of five-year-old Nefertiti Harris after his girlfriend, 29-year-old Latasha Mott, allegedly beat her daughter to death in January. Parks is not accused of the homicide.

The girl’s remains were found in the woods behind an old baseball field on Salt Springs Road in late March, months after she was killed.

Judge Doran quizzed both the prosecutor and defense attorney on whether Parks’ criminal history could make a case to hold him. Parks served time in state prison for gun-related convictions and Judge Doran referenced a case last year that doesn’t appear on Park’s public record.

Those state convictions were the only reason Parks was in jail for the weekend. At his arraignment Friday, the city-level judge could not release him. It took the power of a county-level judge to do so, even though the release was apparently required.

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