Border Patrol, Jefferson Co. Sheriff’s recover over one million smuggled cigarettes

THERESA, N.Y. (WWTI) – United States Border Patrol and the JeffersonCounty Sheriff’s Office  seized more than $300,000 in smuggled cigarettes earlier this month.

Border Patrol agents were called in by sheriff’s deputies after a Sunday, April 14 traffic stop on State Route 411 in Theresa.

The vehicle allegedly held more than one million cigarettes in more than 50 cardboard boxes. The alleged retail value was $336,000.

A subsequent investigation revealed that the loose cigarettes were not manufactured in the United States.

The partnership the Border Patrol has with the Jefferson County Sheriff’s Office is crucial in the prevention of criminal organizations from profiting and exploiting the trafficking of potentially hazardous tobacco products.

Border Patrol Agent in Charge Andrew Regan

The cigarettes and vehicle were seized for destruction/forfeiture by the U. S. Border Patrol. The trafficking of smuggled tobacco products in New York state remains illegal under state and federal law.

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