Your Stories Q&A: An update on the proposed Fayetteville car wash

FAYETTEVILLE, N.Y. (WSYR-TV) — You ask, we answer!

It’s been nearly two years since a Splash Car Wash was first proposed in the Village of Fayetteville.

A fenced-in lot, at a popular spot in the village has some of our viewers wondering if the car wash will ever get built.

The village approved building a Splash Car Wash at 129 West Genesee Street.

Last year, the village told the YS Team that developers were hopeful to begin construction in September of 2023.

The village had said that one of the delays was due to consolidating four separate parcels into one.

Now we’re told by Splash Car Wash that the new goal is to start construction in early summer and finish the project by the spring of 2025.

The company said it was busy completing six other Splash locations. Once those projects are completed, construction crews will work on the Fayetteville spot.

According to the planning board, the Splash Car Wash will be approximately 5,500 square feet. It will be an automated, indoor car wash.

Splash will be built where a former car wash, dry cleaner and Verizon store once stood. The site has been vacant for years.

According to Splash’s website, there are more than 20 locations in N.Y., including several in CNY.

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