Yelp releases list of ’50 states, 50 pies you need to try’



(NEXSTAR/KRQE) – Prepare your pie-hole for some of the tastiest, flakiest pies this country has to offer.

Earlier this month, Yelp released its picks for the “50 pies you need to try,” highlighting some of the best-reviewed pies from restaurants or bake shops in each of America’s 50 states. The final list includes plenty of sweet offerings (including chocolate pies, fruit pies and cream pies) but also some unexpected savory dishes.

“The beauty of pie comes in all different forms,” Kelse Strothman, one of Yelp’s community managers, writes of the list on Yelp’s blog. “From savory pies like Beard & Belly’s huevos rancheros hand pie in Chicago, and the crawfish hand pie from Elsie’s Pie & Plate in Baton Rouge, to traditional pies like the pecan pie from The Crunkleton in Charlotte, and Grace & Grit’s key lime pie in South Carolina, there’s something that allures the senses of all on this list.”

Each entry in Yelp’s list — dubbed “50 states, 50 pies you need to try” — was selected following an analysis of businesses in the Yelp database that featured “a large concentration of reviews mentioning ‘pie,’” according to Yelp. Those businesses were then narrowed down based on several criteria, including each establishment’s Yelp rating, to help identify the “top pie” in each state, Yelp says.

Some of the more unique selections on Yelp’s list include a curried chicken pot pie from Rooster in Connecticut, the bacon-fat brownie pie from Freight House in Kentucky, and the ube ice cream mud pie from Broke Da Mouth Grindz in Hawaii.

A full list of all 50 “pies you need to try” is available at The site also offers a handy map pinpointing the location of each eatery, in case you and your pie-hole feel like planning a road trip.

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