Winter not finished with central New York

SYRACUSE, NY (WSYR-TV) – We may be a couple days into spring, but winter isn’t ready to loosen its grip on us just yet…

What’s this, more winter??

It sure looks like that’s the case. Low pressure moving east out of the Midwest brings a mix of precipitation to central New York Friday night into Saturday morning. Some will see heavy, wet snow. There are already some winter alerts out.

What is the timing??

There are no travel issues on Friday during the day. Clouds increase after sunrise and outside some late afternoon flurries, it is dry.

Precipitation looks to overspread central New York from west to east between 8 and 10 pm. For everyone it starts as snow.

Will I have to dig out Saturday morning?

Not all of central New York.

Temperature plays a key role in this storm as low pressure tracks close to us and that causes some milder air to move north, perhaps as far north as Syracuse and the Thruway.  That means that far north there is likely a mix of snow then freezing rain than even just plain rain which would limit accumulations.

Areas farther north of Syracuse seem to be locked into the cold air and this is where we have the highest confidence of all snow and thus the greatest accumulations. 6-12 inches looks like a good bet from the Tug Hill Plateau east surrounded by an area of 3 to 6 inches. Plowing or snow blowing in these areas seems likely.

Along that Thruway corridor, including Syracuse, a change to a mix of precipitation would keep the snow totals down. We are starting with a 1 to 3 inch accumulation of wet snow here but it is very temperature dependent.

Farther south only an inch or so of snow is expected.

However, just a one or two degree change in temperature in the lower atmosphere would change the snowfall in this area so keep checking back Friday.

Do I have to deal with wintry weather all day Saturday??


This system is a fast mover, so the precipitation is tapering later in the morning Saturday.  That along with the higher late March sun angle (even though hidden behind clouds) will help melt the snow on the roads as it winds down.

It is mainly dry on Saturday afternoon.

The sun is out brightly for Sunday making for a nicer end to the weekend.  It will still be a bit cool with highs in the upper 30s but the sun will feel nice.

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