What roads are the City of Syracuse planning to reconstruct in 2024?

SYRACUSE, N.Y. (WSYTR-TV) — Every year, the City of Syracuse’s Department of Public Works (DPW) and Department of Engineering announce which roads they plan to reconstruct during paving season.

This year, the city plans to repave nearly 23 miles of roads in its 2024 road reconstruction plan with projects in every single quadrant, including sealing and resurfacing approximately 30 miles of streets in areas without curbing.

“I am pleased to share our plans for road reconstruction with the community and I thank the Common Council for approving the funding for this season,” said Mayor Walsh. “As temperatures rise, reconstruction will get rolling. With a commitment to keeping residents and local businesses well-informed about ongoing projects, I am confident that together, we can have another productive season of reconstruction.”

To determine what roads need the most help, the city uses a variety of metrics including Cityline data, field observations, spatial data, and technology to assess road conditions. The Syracuse Metropolitan Transportation Council (SMTC) also rates the city’s roads each year, with a rating of 10 being excellent condition and a rating of 1 being very poor condition.

According to recent SMTC data, there has been a steady improvement in road conditions since 2018 and fair and poor roads have been reduced by about 4.5% each.

“Collaborating with SMTC to assess our roads has provided us with a more precise understanding of road conditions throughout our street network,” said Chief Operating Officer Corey Driscoll Dunham. “This enables us to identify priorities and approach road reconstruction in an efficient and equitable matter.”

The city’s Engineering Department also intends to undertake additional Dig Once projects in 2025. This includes concluding work on two major Dig-Once projects on W Genesee St from N Salina St to Myrtle St and E Colvin St from S Salina St to Jamesville Ave.

“Dig Once projects signify an enhanced level of coordination with utility providers (water, sewer, telecommunication, gas, etc.) with the goal of replacing and repairing as much underground infrastructure as possible to minimize any future excavations made in newly paved roads,” stated the City.

Residents and local businesses that have questions about upcoming road construction can call Cityline at 315-448-CITY (2489).

2024 Syracuse Road Reconstruction Plan

Street Name From To
Fordham Rd. Teall Ave. Wheaton Rd.
Mildred Ave. Teall Ave. James St.
Gray Ave. Teall Ave. Wheaton Rd.
Boyden St. Pattison St. Teall Ave.
S. Carbon St. Butternut St. Grumbach Ave.
Peat St. Burnet Ave. Erie Blvd. E.
Butternut St. Lodi St. N. Salina St.
N. Mcbride St. Butternut St. James St.
Grant Blvd. Kirkpatrick St. Court St.
Spring St. Court St. Pond St.
N.Townsend St. Ash St. Lodi St.
W.Division St. Solar St. Dead End
S.Alvord St. Butternut St. Highland St.
Pond St. Grant Blvd. Lodi St.
Green St. Lodi St. Oak St.
Hier Ave. Park St. Dead End
James St. Hickock Ave. Dewitt St.
Hawley Ave. Elm St. Teall Ave.
Elmhurst Ave. Hatch St. Hunt Ave.
Valley Dr. W. Newell St. W. Seneca Turpk.
Hillview Ave. Summit Ave. South Ave.
Oneida St. Tallman St. Temple St.
South Ave. Kirk Ave. Bellevue Ave.
Fillmore Ave. S.Salina St. Dead End
Walrath Rd. Menlo Dr. S.Salina St.
Bennington Dr. S.Salina St. Menlo Dr.
Martin Luther King E. Cortland Ave. S. Salina St.
W. Corning Ave. S. Salina St. Midland Ave.
W. Ostrander Ave. Midland Ave. Berger Ave.
Menlo Dr. Walrath Rd. Fillmore Ave.
Dorwin Ave. Valley Dr. Creek
Greenwood Pl. Thorden park Dr. Clarendon St.
Redfield Pl. Lancaster Ave. Maryland Ave.
Brookford Rd. E. Genesee St. Euclid Ave.
E. Fayette St. Beech St. Almond St.
Westmoreland Ave. E. Genesee St. Harvard Pl.
E. Water St. Almond St. State St.
Peat St. Burnet Ave. Erie Blvd E.
Elizabeth Blackwell Harrison St. Adams St.
Westcott St. Concord Pl. Euclid Ave.
Euclid Terr. Euclid Ave. Cul-De-Sac
Sumner Ave. Clarendon St. Stratford St.
Stadium Pl. Van Buren St. Oakland St.
Henry St. Raynor Ave. Standart St.
Ellis St. E. Fayette St. E. Genesee St.
Comstock Ave. E. Genesee St. Marshall St.
Crawford Ave. Meadowbrook Dr. Broad St.
Syracuse St. W. Fayette St. W. Genesee St.
N. Lowell Ave. Tompkins St. W. Genesee St.
Milton Ave. Emerson Ave. Cityline
Spencer St. Solar St. Van Rennselaer St.
Marcellus St. Geddes St. Wyoming St.
Fabius St. West St. Oswego St.
Tully St. Wyoming St. Oswego St.
Erie Blvd. W. Franklin St. Milton Ave.
Park Ave. Plum St. West St.
Delaware St. Geddes St. Onondaga St.
Strathmore Dr. Robineau Rd. W. Colvin St.
Alanson Rd. Robineau Rd. Stinard Ave.
Dudley St. Onondaga Ave. Fitch St.
Seneca St. Tully St. W. Fayette St.
Fitch St. Geddes St. W. Onondaga St.
Malcolm St W. Onondaga St. Dead End
W. Onondaga St. Delaware St. Dudley St.
Elliott St. Geddes St. Putnam St.
Dudley St. Delaware St. Bellevue Ave.

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