Watertown releases interactive map for upcoming total solar eclipse

WATERTOWN, N.Y. (WWTI) – The City of Watertown has a new interactive map to prepare for the Monday, April 8 total solar eclipse.

In a press release, the city unveiled the new interactive website at

This resource, which is available on the city’s website, details critical information including
road closures, bus pickup routes, ADA dropoff locations, designated pedestrian routes and
restroom facilities. There are user-friendly features, the interactive map is designed to help city
residents and event-goers plan their day effectively.

Here are some of the key points on the website:

  • Road Closures: All identified road closures will be closed starting at 6 am to facilitate
    crowd management and safety throughout the city.
  • Bus Service: A dedicated bus service will commence at 10 am, with clearly marked
    pickup routes on the map to transport visitors directly into the event at the park.
    Committed to inclusive participation, the City of Watertown has identified an ADA
    dropoff location to accommodate all visitors wishing to witness the eclipse.
  • Parking: To ensure a smooth flow of traffic and pedestrian safety, there will be no
    parking or unauthorized vehicle traffic allowed within the park boundaries. Visitors can
    utilize street parking and are encouraged to leverage the free bus service provided.
  • Walking Routes: For those who prefer to walk, the interactive map will guide you along
    safe and accessible pedestrian routes

You can check out our one-stop website on the ABC50 website for eclipse information at Destination Eclipse.

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