Watch ‘The Voice’ Singers Deliver a Stunning Bilingual Duet of Jason Mraz & Colbie Caillat’s ‘Lucky’

Jason Mraz and Colbie Caillat‘s 2008 hit “Lucky” is already the epitome of a love song, but on an upcoming episode of The Voice, two of Dan + Shay‘s team members added an even more romantic layer to the track by making it bilingual.

Madison Curbelo and Kyle Schuesler take the stage to perform the hit in the Battles round, trading off verses on acoustic guitar — with Curbelo performing in Spanish and Schuesler performing in English, before both of them come together to sing a bilingual chorus.


“I believed you,” coach John Legend told Schuesler when he admitted he never performed in Spanish before. “When I’m able to just enjoy and not overthink it, when it’s in my heart and not my head, that’s when I know it’s great and that’s what I felt.”

Chance the Rapper was blown away by the performance, giving a piece of advice to the duo’s coaches, Dan + Shay. “Both of you guys could win the entire competition, and neither of you guys should leave and I think John is going to try and steal Kyle, so if I were Dan + Shay, I would use my Playoff Pass right now,” he said, referring to a once-per-coach pass that allows both contestants to stay in the competition, with one advancing to the Knockout rounds while the other goes straight to the Playoffs.

“Stay out of this! Enough from you,” Legend then shouted at Chance, as his plan was clearly foiled.

It was then time for Dan + Shay to make a decision. “I am so proud of you both. This was definitely the most cohesive performance so far,” Dan Smyers told the duo. “I feel like your individual performances were incredible but together, it was just so locked in. I felt the energy, I felt the magic, I felt the chemistry between the two of you guys when you were singing. When we left rehearsals the other day, Shay and I were like, ‘They both deserve to win this show.’ Just like Chance said, you guys are incredible. This is a tough decision.”

“We didn’t sign up for heartbreak,” Shay Mooney. “Kyle, I feel like you’ve really come out of your shell, even from just the beginning of this. Madison, you are an absolute ray of sunshine. I can’t believe that we’re lucky enough to have you on Team Dan + Shay.”

Check out the full clip above, and find out what Dan + Shay decided to do on the next episode of The Voice, which airs on Monday (March 25) at 8 p.m. ET on NBC.

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