Watch Dua Lipa Adorably Surprise Kids at Her Old Elementary School

The students at Dua Lipa‘s old grade school will be dancing the night away after meeting the 28-year-old pop star during a recent visit.

In an adorable video shared by BBC Radio 1 on Friday (March 8), the “Levitating” artist went on a journey down memory lane by turning up to her elementary-level alma mater in London, where she reconnected with an old teacher. Then, before stepping inside a classroom of shocked kids who collectively gasped with shock and excitement upon her arrival, Dua confessed that one nearly 20-year-old memory still haunts her.


“I really wanted the lead part in the school play,” she recalled in the clip. “I didn’t get it, but I wanted it so bad.”

The singer went on to re-audition for the role, taking critiques from the class. Just before reliving the tryout, she asked earnestly, “Why am I nervous?”

Before waving goodbye, the children sang a round of Dua’s Barbie hit “Dance the Night” in unison as the British artist smiled in approval.

The Argylle actress is fresh off the March 4 release of her new single “Training Season,” which is expected to appear on the star’s upcoming album. The same goes for her November release “Houdini,” which peaked at No. 11 on the Billboard Hot 100.

“The second I write a song, I know its good or not or whether its close,” she told Jimmy Kimmel in a recent interview about the LP, for which she wrote nearly 100 songs. “Every song on this album unlike any of the other records I’ve made, I’ve gone in and I’ve re-written it over and over again, until I felt like it was perfect, which I didn’t really have the confidence to do on my previous records.”

Watch Dua Lipa visit her old elementary school below.

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