Veo is back in Syracuse: See where it expanded to

SYRACUSE, N.Y. (WSYR-TV) — The E-bike company that had 433,351 rides and approximately 700,000 miles in Syracuse during 2023 alone, is back.

Veo has returned for the season and has been dropping off their E-bikes and E-scooters onto the city streets of Syracuse all week.

The city says they have been growing their fleet size. But this year, you’ll be able to drive them farther.

Veo, Centro and the City of Syracuse have agreed to move beyond the city limits and create more “corridors.” These corridors are extended boundaries where you can ride. If you take the e-bike or scooter out of the boundary it will turn off.

The City of Syracuse began this bike-share program three years ago, but the bikes could never be used outside city limits. This expansion with Centro helps break those barriers and will allow riders to go beyond the city walls.

The first expansion was a corridor from downtown Syracuse to the OCC campus.

Steven Koegel, Vice President of Communications & Business Planning at Centro, says there were 5,000 rides per month in that corridor alone.

“It will allow them freedom or access if they don’t have a car,” said Koegel.

A lot of students were using Veo to ride to and from campus, or around campus, as many mostly likely didn’t have cars.

Courtesy of Steven Koegel, Vice President of Communications & Business Planning at Centro.

The yellow line in the picture is the previous boundaries, and the red dotted line is where the boundaries have extended, creating these corridors.

In the past week, Centro expanded Veo into the Eastern Suburbs of East Syracuse, and parts of DeWitt. This includes:

  • Erie Boulevard
  • Parts of Eastwood
  • Community Library of DeWitt & Jamesville
  • Le Moyne
  • and more

Koegel says an additional 300 bikes will be placed in that area.

Of both the E-bikes and E-scooters, the City of Syracuse says that the Cosmo, E-Bikes are more popular and will be 75% of the fleet.

“We are continuing to look at locations in the future to expand further,” said Koegel.

If you come across a damaged or non-functioning Veo, call them at 1-855-VEO-2256, email at, visit the website, or contact the company via the Veo smartphone App for it to be serviced.

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