Tracee Ellis Ross Shares That She Used to Intern for Arsenio Hall & More | Billboard Women in Music 2024

Billboard Women in Music host Tracee Ellis Ross shares she used to intern for Arsenio Hall and five things you didn’t know about her backstage at the 2024 Women in Music event.

Tracee Ellis Ross
My name is Tracee Ellis Ross, I’m the host this evening. Five things you don’t know about me: One, I love olives. My favorite olive is a green olive — not with a pimiento; with a pit. Couldn’t think of the word. Another thing that you should know about me that other people don’t know that’s very important for you to know about me is I love gum, chewing gum. Very big on chewing gum. I love chewing gum. I eat chewing gum like it’s going out of style. And I like to eat the gum, spit the gum out, stick it somewhere, hopefully in a garbage can. And then eat more gum. It’s a problem. What’s the next thing you should know about me? My favorite of all beverages? Water. What’s the fourth thing you would know about me? Oh, I’m extremely organized. And when I say organized, I mean problematic. And before I was acting, I used to go into companies and organize them. My first job was at a bank. I was organizing files. Oh, I’m sorry, a sixth one. I worked for Arsenio Hall. I interned for Arsenio Hall. Exactly. I was reading scripts. I mean, I didn’t really think I was doing anything but they told me that I was like, you know, helping make sense of things. In all honesty, it was my idea. Right, that’s what people don’t know about. Now you know.

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