Town of Clay Board Meeting to be public hearing about Concrete Batch Plant special permit

TOWN OF CLAY, N.Y. (WSYR-TV) – Neighborhoods, playgrounds, and a YMCA in the Town of Clay could soon be just down the road from a concrete batch plant if a special permit for the proposed plant is allowed. However, some in the community aren’t sold on the idea.

“We don’t want this in the middle of our community. We’d love to have it in an outlying area, because we are pro-business and we are pro development,” Kara Greene, a Town of Clay resident, said.

One of the biggest concerns about having the concrete batch located near here is that this is where children come to play, and they could be exposed to some of the plant’s pollution.

“These particulates are absorbed into our lungs and into our blood stream, and they’ve been proven to exacerbate asthma especially in children. Children are especially vulnerable,” Greene said.

The owner of Goguen Drive Realty is aware of the concern the community has, giving this statement to NewsChannel Nine:

“We understand and respect the concerns raised by our neighbors regarding the proposed concrete batch plant. As a veteran-owned business committed to being a responsible and positive presence in our community, we take these concerns seriously—especially those relating to environmental impact, noise, and traffic.

Our team is actively working to address these questions comprehensively. We’re not just focused on meeting regulatory standards but exceeding them wherever possible to ensure our operations are sustainable and community-friendly. Our goal is to bring benefits to our community, including creating quality job opportunities and supporting local infrastructure improvements.

We are committed to transparency and ongoing dialogue with the community. To this end, we invite our neighbors to share their concerns and suggestions directly with us, ensuring all voices are heard and considered in our planning process and for the April 1st town board meeting.

Our dedication to being great neighbors and a leading veteran-owned employer in the area is unwavering.

Clay’s concerned citizens want people to be educated about the plant so they can make their own informed decision about whether or not they want it in this location.

“We want everyone that wants to learn more about this plant or already knows that they’re against the special permit, either side, to come out and join us,” Greene said.

The April 1 Clay Town Board meeting will give residents a chance to be heard on the special permit for the plant. The meeting will happen at the town hall at 7:30 p.m.

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