Tell Me Something Good: Marty Cahill

SYRACUSE, N.Y. (WSYR-TV) Hit an Irish gathering in Central New York, and there are pretty good odds you’ll run into Marty Cahill.

I just like talking to people, and sitting down and someone will ask a question and all of a sudden I’ll just start going.

Marty Cahill, Syracuse St. Patrick’s Parade Grand Marshall

If you enjoy the Irish Festival in Clinton Square every September, you can thank Marty. He heads up the committee that puts it on, and he books all the bands.

Marty is one of the founders of Locey and Cahill, an employee benefits consulting firm just a block off the parade route in downtown Syracuse. And when he’s not there, he’s often off visiting Ireland to book bands and soak up the atmosphere.

Marty was thrilled to be named Grand Marshal of this year’s Syracuse St. Patrick’s Parade, and he’ll have the whole Cahill clan with him when he marches, including his parents and his son Conor, a sergeant in the Marine Corps Reserves.

And knowing how plugged in he is in the Irish community, he’s still astounded the committee kept it all a surprise.

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