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SYRACUSE, N.Y. (WSYR-TV) — When you’re young, it’s the Grange, picnics, drives, Church Suppers, and you went to church. And that was the excitement.

There have been church services in this building in Fabius since 1818. Two hundred and six years. But that tradition brings a lot of challenges.

The heat bill. The size of the church. The age of the church. The members that are not here to give on a faithful monthly/daily/weekly basis. It’s very different.

About fifteen years ago, there were five churches that served the people of the town of Fabius. Today, there’s just the former Baptist Church.

Many faith traditions have blended together, to give folks a chance to continue to worship in the heart of their community.

One thing all of the members can agree on is filling the needs of their neighbors. One way is a capital campaign to expand the building, with space for a nursery school once housed at another church.

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To find out more about what the goals are for the church and what’s been done thus far, click on the video player above.

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