Syracuse Trivia Co. puts our knowledge to the test

(WSYR-TV) — Chances are if you are a trivia buff, and you like to play, you’ve run into our next guests. Brian and Dale Cocca are brothers who started the Syracuse Trivia Company over a decade ago, and they’ve watched their business grow ever since.

The twin brothers joined Bridge Street to tell us more about their business, and to put our knowledge to the test with a short game of trivia.

Syracuse Trivia Company has 39 locations across Central New York, where anyone can attend and participate in the game for free.

Dale and Brian write their own questions from a broad array of topics with input from players. The questions are not necessarily no-brainers, but they do not require expert knowledge either.

Syracuse Trivia Company also hosts private events for organizations that are trying to build more camaraderie on their teams. For those private events, they will bring the trivia right to you!

The business is also offering a new quiz game that’s not about trivia, but instead about how people answered their survey questions. It’s called “Syracuse Says.”

Syracuse Trivia Company hosts weekly free games at restaurants, breweries, and bars Monday through Thursday with start times ranging from 6:30 p.m. to 8 p.m. For more information and to check out their complete schedule of trivia times and locations, visit

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