Student-Athlete of the Week: Corcoran’s Tawakal Omar

SYRACUSE, N.Y. (WSYR) — Tawakal Omar is a senior hurdler for Corcoran High School, and he is now a state champion in the 55 hurdles with a time of 7.37 seconds.

“I came into that meet knowing that I had a lot to prove. I knew I had it in me, and I had a lot of people like wishing. And I already knew I had it, so I just had to accomplish the mission. Basically, it was just the odds were against me, and I just knew I had it in me, so I just did what I had to do to take the title home,” said Omar.

But before taking home the state title, he had to first learn how to hurdle his sophomore year.

“Hurdling probably had the most difficulty because you had to work on form, technique and speed throughout every hurdle, and every step does count. It was hard because I started indoors, so everything was closed corners, and I felt like I was going to just fall over, hit the ceiling. And like actually going through the hurdle was more harder than I would expected. It was just taking it step by step,” Omar said.

Tawakal took his talent one step further, competing with the best high schoolers in the nation.

“I never thought I would be able to go to nationals and compete at a nationwide level, see where everybody else plays, not just in my state, but across the nation. To have your name out there in the nation, it means a lot,, and it’s just another level that I would have never thought I would make it to, but I’m glad I did,” said Omar.

To his coach, this is just the beginning for the senior.

“I still don’t think he knows how self-aware he is about his athletic ability. You know, he has a lot left. I mean, he’s just tip of the iceberg here, and I don’t think he knows how natural of an athlete he is,” said Corcoran Head Coach Joe Serrao.

Achieving what every student-athlete hopes to accomplish, Tawakal has perfected the recipe for success.

“I think it just means that, like no matter where you start from, like of your sprinter hurdler distance, if you really put your mind to it and you have the right amount of people supporting you and in your circle, you could do anything you want,” said Omar.

Congratulations, Tawakal! You are the Byrne Dairy and Deli NewsChannel 9 Student-Athlete of the Week.

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