Some Central New Yorkers’ driver’s licenses suspended due to eye test issue

SYRACUSE, N.Y. (WSYR-TV) — Hundreds of Central New Yorkers are driving without a license and might not even know due to a COVID-era eye test rule.

This rule during the pandemic allowed drivers to self-certify their vision test. But it’s long past the deadline. There are 797 drivers in Onondaga County and 116 in Madison County who still haven’t provided an updated eye test, meaning their licenses are suspended.

These are low numbers considering how many licensed drivers there are but still carry big consequences.

“The consequences when people get pulled over for a routine traffic stop can be number one humiliating, and number two devastating. And also very costly for somebody who just didn’t understand they need to get their eye test taken care of,” said Michael Keville II, the Madison County clerk.

“The remedy is very easy. We’re here in Wampsville, right off of I-90, in Madison County. And anybody can come out to our office on a weekday, read the eye chart behind us. We enter information into the DMV portal for them passing the eye test,” Keville II explained.

Within 48 hours, you’re clear to drive and it’s free. You can also have an eye care provider submit on your behalf.

Onondaga County residents can click here to see where they can take an eye test to submit to the DMV.

More information on the deadlines and how you can complete your vision test online can be seen in the stories below:

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