Slayyyter Lip Synched to Unreleased Lady Gaga Song ‘Brooklyn Nights’ and Mother Monster Loved It

While Lady Gaga has never released the song “Brooklyn Nights,” the ARTPOP-era cast-off has become a Little Monster favorite. Look no further than a TikTok from Slayyyter in which the “Miss Belladonna” singer lip synchs along to what she dubs “the greatest bridge from the greatest unreleased song of all time I think…”


In the 20-second video, Slayyyter — dressed in a yellow t-shirt and black motorcycle jacket — reclines as she mouths along to the lyrics, “I found an old pair of keys in my purse/ That opened the walkup we shared/ How did they get there, jerk?/ I wanna see you there/ I wanna make it work.” Touching her golden locks, Slayyyter continues, “I didn’t brush my hair/ And my lashes are falling/ Off of seven…”

The video elicited some predictably revved-up comments, none more excitable than the one from Mother Monster herself, who wrote, “[crying face emoji] love this.” Uber-fan Slayyyter, as you might imagine, was blown away by the nice words from Gaga, tweeting, “imshaking tnrjekjfnd.”

Slayyyter wasn’t the only one losing their mind over the acknowledgement. Among the other cranked-to-11 responses on the original TikTok were: “OMG GAGA JUST ACKNOWLEDGED ‘BROOKLYN NIGHTS’ WE WON,” “OH MOTHER YOU HAVE TO REMIX THIS,” “OMGGGG SLAYYYTER IS A ‘BROOKLYN NIGHTS’ STAN” and “I mean a Lady Gaga x Slayyyter collaboration would send the dance pop girls to another dimension.”

Billboard reported in 2013 that during an impromptu Twitter Q&A with fans Gaga teased a potential sequel to her ARTPOP album, writing, “Yes, lots of songs for ACT TWO!” At the time, Gaga said a finished version of “Brooklyn Nights” was slated for release as a bonus track from ARTPOP, promising that it would come out “on the app sometimes during the album cycle.”

When the singer’s third full-length studio album was released in Nov. 2013, however, the song did not make the cut and the previously hinted-at plans to include it on an accompanying multi-media app did not come to fruition.

Gaga has not announced released a new album of solo material since 2020’s Chromatica, though a post from February featuring images of her in the studio clarified that she is “not” making a rock album.

Check out Slayyyter’s reaction tweet below.

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