Rabbit shelter in Syracuse experiencing severe overflow

(WSYR-TV) — With Holy Week here and Easter Sunday around the corner, many folks have got bunnies on the brain. For some, that may be the perfect excuse to stop at the pet store and buy a new furry friend. However, as it turns out, that might not be the best idea.

Hunter Hollow Bunny Bed and Breakfast is a rabbit rescue shelter in East Syracuse. They are facing serious overflow of bunnies in need of permanent homes. They started things off already at full capacity in 2024.

For Hunter Hollow, things tend to only get worse around the Easter season. In fact, the shelter is closed from Palm Sunday through Easter Sunday to prevent an influx of what Hunter calls “real life” Easter bunnies.

“It’s a disaster. Ninety percent of bunnies that are bought for Easter bunnies don’t make it to their first birthday,” Hunter says.

All of Hunter Hollow is entirely volunteer-run and donation-based with no paid employees. Specifically, the rescue is always looking for industrial vinegar, and spray disinfectant. Any monetary donations they receive go directly towards the rabbits, for things like wood stove pellets and food. Children as young as eight can volunteer, however, kids up from eight through ten must volunteer with a parent.

Hunter strongly encourages those who are serious about owning a pet bunny to adopt one at a rescue, and not at a pet store.

You can learn more about Hunter Hollow by checking out their website at You can also find them on Facebook.

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