Multiple car accident causes light outage outside of Destiny USA

SYRACUSE, N.Y. (WSYR-TV) — Three cars were involved in an accident that has knocked out the light at the intersection of Hiawatha Boulevard and Solar Street, outside of Destiny USA.

According to Syracuse Police, a report from the accident states that the driver of the first car was driving eastbound on Hiawatha Blvd. when she was making a left turn into the mall.

The driver of the second car told police he was headed westbound and had the green light as he was coming up on the intersection. The light turned yellow as he went through it, which is when the vehicle turned in front of him.

However, the first driver told police that as she was taking the turn, the driver of vehicle two sped up, leaving her without time to stop.

Police say the first driver complained of left shoulder and knee pain. Her car was towed.

The accident caused the second driver to hit a utility box and then a third car, a caravan, that was parked.

No injuries were reported and the vehicle was towed privately.

The owner of the third car involved was working at the mall, and taking a smoke break when he saw that his vehicle was hit.

Police say he was given all necessary information and vehicle was towed from the scene.

Syracuse Police have reviewed footage from the accident and say it appears that there were two vehicles traveling westbound when the first vehicle took the turn.

No tickets have been issued at this time.

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