Morat Talks First-Ever Stadium Tour & ‘Singing to All of Latin America at Once’

“It is very surreal because it feels like singing to all of Latin America at once,” said Morat frontman Juan Pablo Isaza, reflecting on the band’s experience performing for fans at the Kaseya Center in Miami (Feb. 3), in a conversation with Leila Cobo, Billboard‘s chief content officer of Latin/Español.

In their Billboard News interview, the Colombian pop rock band delved into the nuances of their musical journey, marked by their first-ever stadium tour, their reflections on Latin identity stateside, singing with Grupo Frontera and the impact of their music across borders.

Isaza highlighted the magnitude of their tour in the group’s chat with Billboard. “It’s our fourth tour across the United States,” he pointed out. “Fortunately, [our music] has been climbing [up the charts], and the truth is that we have been very surprised by what happened this year.”

The conversation also touched upon the band’s role in the evolving landscape of Latin music, in which popular Latin genres have expanded beyond urbano to include more traditional sounds. This was highlighted by their 2018 song “No Se Va” getting covered by Tejano band Grupo Frontera last year on the latter’s debut album El Comienzo, becoming a viral sensation that introduced Morat to audiences in a new light. “Our song was a grain of sand in everything that is happening with the expansion of genres in Latin music,” added Isaza. The two bands also recently teamed up to sing the song together.

“The first time we experienced that [kind of success] was through Grupo Frontera with their version of the song. So for us it was crazy because it hasn’t always been [like that], and from here on it will obviously continue to be a very important song for us,” guitarist Juan Pablo Villamil noted.

Bassist Simón Vargas Morales offered his thoughts on the unique connection Morat feels with the Latin community in the United States. “The feeling of the Latin community is different,” he shared. “In the end, we all become part of a migrant community, which creates a bond that is beautiful and unlike anything we experience when touring through Latin America.”

Additionally, drummer Martín Vargas Morales shared his excitement about the band’s impact and the reception of their music in stadiums, particularly their sold-out show in Bogotá: “Playing in El Campín stadium in Bogotá hits different, especially because we feel like we’re not just playing at home, but also making history as one of the few local acts to fill such a massive venue.”

Check out Morat’s 2024 tour dates here, and watch their Billboard News interview above.

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