Michael Strahan Surprises Daughter Isabella With Visit From Bryson Tiller

Michael Strahan’s 19-year-old daughter Isabella recently received a special surprise.

The teen shared a new vlog to her YouTube channel on Tuesday (March 12), following a string of videos where she’s been documenting her ongoing cancer treatment. In the vlog, Isabella is surprised by a visit from singer Bryson Tiller, whom she tearfully calls her “favorite person ever,” and rapper Fat Joe.

In the nearly 10-minute clip, In the vlog, Isabella is surprised by a visit from rapper Fat Joe and singer Bryson Tiller, the latter of whom is her “favorite person ever,” as she tearfully notes in the sweet video.

To gear Isabella up for the surprise, Michael convinces her to get ready before he hides in the foyer of his home with Tiller and Fat Joe. “If she’d have been in her pajamas when you walked in here…we would have a problem. She wouldn’t forgive us,” Michael explains. Tiller then surprises Isabella in the kitchen, and the aspiring model is seen completely speechless and she gives the singer a hug.

“I’m sorry, I usually don’t cry like this. It’s so nice to meet you,” she gushes. During the visit, the two build a flowerpot Lego set that Tiller gifted Isabella and the duo take photos together.

In October, Isabella underwent an emergency surgery to remove a large medulloblastoma in the cerebellum of her brain. According to the Journal of Clinical Neuroscience, about 500 children are diagnosed with medulloblastoma each year.

Watch the sweet vlog below.

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