Maren Morris Shares 5 Things You Didn’t Know About Her Music | Billboard Women In Music 2024

Maren Morris shares five things you didn’t know about her music-making process backstage at Billboard’s Women In Music 2024.

Maren Morris
I’m Maren Morris. And these are five things you don’t know about my music. I cannot record vocals drunk, the second any alcohol touches my lips, it sounds awful. So I don’t know, I wish I could I feel like I could be a looser singer if I had a few glasses of wine. But yeah, I overthink it. I get a lot of questions from people about how songs get written how they start. There’s no rhyme or reason. Sometimes it’s I start with a title. Sometimes I start with a melody that I recorded in my voice app. And sometimes it’s just a lyric idea. But I feel like that’s kind of a fun thing is that I never know how the song will begin. I wrote my song “The Bones” in about an hour. And then I think we had it recorded an hour later. So sometimes not all the time, you get a really fast ditty. And you think the song gods when that happens. One of my favorite venues is Red Rocks, you’re outside, you’re under the stars, you’re in the elements. And it just is like a communal show. Get my musical inspiration. Honestly, from conversations with friends. I feel like they at this point, they know if I stop or space out after they’ve said something. It’s because I’m mining our conversation for lyric ideas. Not all the time, but they know when like Maren is not here anymore and it’s because I’m like thinking about, “how will I turn this into a song tomorrow?” And those are five things you did not know.

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