Maluma Is the Ultimately ‘Daddy’ in ‘Playgirl’ Photo Shoot

Maluma is turning up the heat for his new Playgirl digital cover shoot.

The cover story, cheekily noting that Maluma “wants to be your daddy,” plays into the innuendo given that the Colombian superstar is about to be a father. The singer and his longtime girlfriend Susana Gómez announced that they are expecting their first child together in October 2023.

“She was like, ‘No way! I love it. You’re going to show the world that you’re stronger than ever,” Maluma told the publication of Gómez’s reaction to him doing the shoot, according to People. “That you’re the best version right now. You’re showing the world that you’re killing it.’ Because she knows that’s my career.”

On the cover, Maluma rocks a black striped pajama set with the top completely unbuttoned, as he lounges back with his arms behind his head. “I’ve been [acting sexy] for almost 10 years, since I started my career,” Maluma noted, adding that people can still “admire someone and think that a person is sexy or that they’re hot,” even if they’re in a relationship.

It’s an exciting year in general for Maluma, who teamed up with Octavio Cuadras and Marca Registrada last month for “Bling Bling,” the first track off DON JUAN Season 2, a new season of releases by Maluma, according to a press release.

The singer’s digital cover issue officially launches on Thursday (March 7) at See some of the photos on Maluma’s Instagram page here.

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