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Los Tigres del Norte sat down with Billboard News backstage at their record-breaking show at The Houston Rodeo. They opened up about performing at the Rodeo, picking their tour outfits and their European tour. The band teases their new music, talks about the meaning behind their tracks and more!

Los Tigres Del Norte:
When you come to this kind of show you know there’s a lot of food everywhere.

Oscar eats.

But also there’s a lot of chocolates that’s how we get hyped up.

We are Los Tigres Del Norte and you’re watching Billboard News.

This is the fifth time that we come here in Houston. We’re very excited. They encourage you to do something more. Next time that you come here we want to prepare a better show for them, that’s our responsibility.

I think it’s the number one rodeo in the United States that has a Hispanic day. Our songs have a lot of meaning for the Hispanic people, the ones who live in the United States, or they ones who come from other countries to the United States, especially the Latino countries. Singing for them, you know, like, give them some relief for where they come from, or how hard it is for them to live here, a lot of people undocumented and with our songs, you know, our song has a lot of those messages. And I think this is very, very special for us.

When we announced that we were going to be here a lot of people from other countries tell us in social media that they were willing to come and see us here. So we know that there’s a diversity here of people in Houston and people from Central America, from Mexico especially. It makes us you know, very very proud to represent that people that live here, but also the people that come see us here in the fields, the Latin blood.

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