Local political party taking a step back from national party opinions

BALDWINSVILLE, N.Y. (WSYR-TV) – Polarizing political parties is not the game being played in Baldwinsville.

“Sadly, right now there are people from both sides, or in the middle, wherever they are, depending on what the issue is, and they will not hear the other side speak at all,” said Brian Burmeister, a Candidate for Trustee of Village of Baldwinsville for the Brighter Baldwinsville Party.

Baldwinsville has a unique history of having local political parties that take a step back from national party opinions.

“The national parties don’t need to voice their national issues here because none of that is decided at the village level,” Burmeister said.

Brighter Baldwinsville Party was just founded in January, focusing on village-centric issues, but most importantly, voter turnout.

“More voters is better voters. It’s a better representation. We have not had great turnouts in the past,” Burmeister explained.

Why is that? The village election is held in March, something Brighter Baldwinsville Party is working to change.

“If we move them to November, they’re free because the Board of Elections just handles it all. It’s already baked into it,” Burmeister added.

More representation for local issues that directly impact those in the community.

“We’re talking about potholes and trees and replacing water pipes and sewage pipes. And not only the infrastructure but also things that just make things better and more beautified,” Burmeister said.

All to keep Baldwinsville brighter.

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