Lawmakers introduce affordable childcare legislation

ALBANY, N.Y. (NEWS10) — With the deadline just a couple of weeks away, lawmakers are hoping their legislation on affordable childcare will make it into the final state budget.

Assembly Republicans on Monday introduced their “Affordable Blueprint for Childcare Plan,” which they say will save New Yorkers money.

“It’s estimated that our proposals would save a family over $2,300 annually and include tax benefits for families and providers, as well as a resolution to call on the federal government to reinstate the child tax credit,” said Assemblyman Ed Ra.

The plan also includes legislation that would make the Office of Children and Family Services establish a model for childcare that includes hours outside of a traditional workday.

“If we don’t offer, childcare options for individuals who have to work the night shift, over night shifts, weekends, we have an entire aspect of our economy that’s off limits for families that don’t have family, don’t have trusted neighbors, don’t have other outlets to keep their children safe while they’re working,” explained Assemblyman Josh Jensen.

Also on the issue of affordability, Democratic Senator Jessica Ramos sponsors legislation that would provide low-income mothers an allowance during the last three months of pregnancy and the first 18 months of a child’s life.

She said it would help pay for items such as diapers not covered by the federal WIC program.

“This would actual help buying hot meals, which aren’t covered even by SNAP, right? And so what we’ve heard about this program in other places where it’s already been done outside of the government, is that mothers have actually even been able to go back to school and embark on a career that will certainly allow them to raise their children to thrive,” said Ramos.

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