Karol G Talks Creating Her Music Videos, Life on Tour & More | Billboard Women In Music 2024

Our Woman of The Year, Karol G, opens up about being a night owl, what life on tour is like, talks through her creative process and more backstage at 2024 Billboard’s Women In Music.

Karol G:
Hey everyone, this is Karol G and here are five things that you don’t know about me, musically.

Okay, one, I have my phone full of voice notes like really strange about me talking about videos, strategies, things that I want to do, a lot of voice notes about music. I record myself like singing and doing the instrumentals and doing like everything with my voice so those are like really crazy to hear, but they’re really good.

Okay, number two! I love to write stories for videos that maybe I will never do. I have like a bunch of stories of videos that I will love to do and I think I find the right songs for every story of videos that I have.

Number three, my most creative moment in life is like maybe after 2 am, in the morning, until 6 am in the morning. I’m a really nighty person, night person. I don’t know, nighty?

I am a night person. My ideas and my creativity usually comes at night. I don’t sleep
very well because of this.

Number four. My days. A Karol G show day is a very heavy day. I have a lot of things to do. I am not able to get on stage if I don’t do sound check, I have to stretch so I can go out there and crush it without injuring anything, I have to prepare my voice so I can sing well and get all dressed up. So a show day is a day of full of work.

And number five is that this is the first time a Latina has won Women of the Year. I am very excited. I’m very excited and that is something that you don’t know about me and now you know!

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