‘I’m going to need a helipad’ Clay residents voice environmental concerns over Micron

CLAY, N.Y. (WSYR-TV) — We’ve heard for many months about all the positives Micron will mean for us, but people still have their concerns.

“I’m going to need a helipad in my yard just to travel in the traffic,” said Brewerton resident Michelle Easley. “On a good day, you can’t get through Route 31. It backs up. So where am I going to go? You going to get the helicopter for me too. All of us will be trapped!”

“I’m terrified of this project because of the impact to the water and air like we’ve heard,” said Clay resident Alice Loomis. “Lots of toxins, lots of poisons and I hope it doesn’t permanently destroy our ability to live.”

The U.S. Army Corps of Engineers has to study any of the environmental concerns people have with the project.

“There’s a lot of chemicals associated with semiconductor manufacturing,” said chemist Don Hughes.

Another concern is how close this will be to wetlands.

“The folk that live in the wetlands, the forest have not been asked anything about moving and they will never be told or provided where they are going. So, folks get ready they are coming into your backyards,” Judy Boyke, the former Cicero Town Counselor.

And there’s questions about where the water from the wetlands will go.

“It is going to affect us. Wildlife, our waters. If you’re trying to fill in a massive area you’re talking about right now, you’re going to have the water spill into my backyard, my house,” said Mrs. Easley.

Plenty for the engineers to ponder.

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