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Illenium talks about making the “Anti-Hero” remix, his love for Taylor Swift, making the TRILOGY concert series as big as possible, how Kaskade has inspired him to stay sober in the EDM community, how his fans connect with his music, how he got his start making music, how he wants to continue impacting his fans and more!

I love Taylor Swift like she was back in high school. One of her songs was like top 25 on iTunes most played.

I feel like I’ve always been very inspired by my shows. The first time I played a 500-person venue room was so inspiring. And then I feel like that going all the way up to playing football stadiums has just been like, continuously inspiring. And I think I got a little like, you know, two or three years ago, I got a little worn out of like, really dance music, focus stuff. That’s why I wanted to really experiment with the rock, dance music blend on my album, which was super fulfilling as like an artist. And now I’m really inspired by more electronic stuff again, there’s something so special about like a dance focused anthem, just like feels so good. And like there’s just really good positivity and energy around that type of song that I really miss, you know, and I want to return to. It was random, just like our teams had randomly talked about “Anti-Hero.” My A&R Ryan was like, hey, what do you think about “Anti-Hero?” I was like, love that song, he was like remix? I was like, Yeah, I’m down. They sent me stems that night. I finished it in like 36 hours. And I sent it to him on like a Monday night the after. They responded Tuesday night. Hey, this coming out tomorrow? It was crazy. Yeah, I was like, okay, like, do you do whatever you want. I think her fans really enjoyed the remixes like the remix for sure. And I think I did it because I mean, I love Taylor Swift. Like she was back in high school, one of her songs was like top 25 on iTunes most played.

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