How your pet may react to the solar eclipse

SYRACUSE, NY (WSYR-TV) — We know that we need to view the eclipse safely, but do our pets know that?

Of course, animals don’t normally look at the sun, but do pet owners have anything to be concerned with during the eclipse?

“They (your pets) might perceive the change in the amount of sunshine as maybe an impending storm,” says Dr. Jillian VanderYacht, a veterinarian from Manlius Veterinary Hospital. “So if you have a dog that super sensitive that maybe is already on medication for storms, maybe deciding to give them their medication like you normally would for some kind of a thunderstorm.”

Dr. VanderYacht says pet owners shouldn’t have much to worry about when it comes to your pet looking directly at the sun. “The good news is, I think our animals have a little bit more self preservation than humans do.  They’re not going to be so inclined and interested to necessarily stare at the sun like we are going to be really interested in watching the eclipse.”

PJ Trainham, of Chaumont in Jefferson County and dog owner who will be in the path of totality at his home along the river isn’t too concerned about how his own dog will react to the eclipse, but rather other dogs in a group setting. “It’ll be strange, but it’ll be a good idea for their dogs to be with their owners. So good luck to everybody,” said Trainham.

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