How are travel officials preparing for total solar eclipse visitors in CNY?

SYRACUSE, N.Y. (WSYR-TV) — From the skies to the highways, in four weeks Central New York will have a lot of company for the total eclipse.

Syracuse’s Hancock International Airport has been preparing for months, from stocking up on cleaning supplies to ensuring the runway is ready for planes to take off safely.

“When we go into that brief period of darkness, as an airport we typically switch over to nighttime operations,” said Matt Szwejbka, with the Syracuse Regional Airport Authority. “When the lights come on the runway, we’re going to make sure we are prepared for nighttime operations brief as they can be during the eclipse.”

As for how many travelers will be landing in Syracuse, the airport hasn’t come up with a number yet. More controllers will be needed too, to monitor private aircraft tracking the eclipse.

“They’re bringing in extra staffing for the hours leading up to the eclipse and the eclipse itself,” Szwejbka said. “They’re prepared for an influx in traffic above our heads.”

While the airport has 2,500 employees to ensure everything runs smoothly the day of the eclipse, traveling on the roads is your responsibility.

“We are concerned about a significant volume of traffic which has its own complications with trying to keep traffic moving,” said Tyler Peet, the emergency management coordinator for Oswego County emergency management. “You may find yourself stuck in traffic for a little bit of time. So, make sure you have a full tank of gas, so you don’t run out of gas and make the problem worse.”

Peet recommends hitting the road earlier and leaving your destination later than others. He also says to dress appropriately and prepare snacks and water for car rides. The emergency management office is focusing on increased staffing during the eclipse.

“There will definitely be an increased public safety presence. Fire, police Ems, and delving into the health sector,” Peet said. “I think we will see increased staffing at the hospitals and other health centers.”

Taking some time to plan and prepare for once-in-a-lifetime memories.

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