Gov. Gretchen Whitmer Shouts Out Olivia Rodrigo’s Reproductive Rights Advocacy: ‘Your Voice Resonates With So Many’

Olivia Rodrigo has been vocal about her support for reproductive rights throughout her Guts World Tour, and politicians are taking notice. Michigan Gov. Gretchen Whitmer welcomed the 21-year-old pop star to Detroit on Saturday (March 23) with a pun-filled video quoting the pop star’s song titles and commending her for speaking out about bodily autonomy.  


“We’re not just good 4 u, we’re great for anyone who believes in the fundamental right to make informed decisions about their own bodies,” Whitmer began, addressing Rodrigo directly in a clip posted to TikTok. “Like you, Michiganders have guts and are using their voices to drive change.” 

“Across the nation, it feels like we’re taking one step forward, three steps back, but here, we’ve been a brutal force against any attempts to roll back our reproductive freedoms,” she continued, mixing in nods to songs on Rodrigo’s two studio albums, 2021’s Sour and 2023’s Guts. “We’ve slayed outdated vampire laws that threatened our autonomy and expanded protections for those seeking or providing reproductive healthcare. Not a bad idea, right?” 

“Olivia, your voice resonates with so many, not just through your music, but through your advocacy,” Whitmer added. “And in Michigan, we’re no stranger to fighting for what’s right. We couldn’t be happier to have you.” 

Whitmer’s video comes about a month after Rodrigo kicked off her first-ever arena tour. In conjunction with the trek, the “Drivers License” singer launched her Fund 4 Good supporting local abortion organizations. 

In addition to donating a portion of her proceeds from tickets to abortion funds across the globe, Rodrigo has also been inviting local chapters of the National Network of Abortion Funds to set up resource tables at each Guts World Tour venue in North America. At some shows, fans could grab free morning-after pills, condoms and lube; however, funds were reportedly asked recently to stop offering those items at concerts. 

Watch Whitmer’s TikTok below. 


Welcome to Detroit, @Olivia Rodrigo! Here in Michigan, we’re ensuring everyone has the license to make their own choices. It’s time to drive home the message that our rights are not up for debate. These policies aren’t just logical, they’re good 4 u. 

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