Experts warn ‘springing forward’ is really affecting our health

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Daylight saving causes all sorts of problems for health and sleep

Daylight saving time is this weekend, and if the time to reset your clocks snuck up on you, you’re not alone. While later sunsets will be a boon for many Americans tired of short days and a lack of vitamin D, there are also downsides to “springing forward” — losing an hour of sleep and darker mornings for the next eight months.

But with a few adjustments to your schedule — and maybe some help from a weighted eye mask or sleep-promoting pillow mist — you can make this year’s daylight saving time a little easier on yourself.

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Tips to manage daylight saving time

Science actually shows that daylight saving, originally implemented to save on fuel in wartime, is pretty bad for us. In fact, the American Academy of Sleep Medicine has found that seasonal time changes are associated with an increased risk of motor vehicle accidentscardiovascular eventsstrokeshospital admissions and higher stress levels.

To minimize the harmful effects of losing an hour of sleep due to the upcoming time change, the academy recommends:

  • Adjust your schedule: Ensure you get at least seven hours of sleep a night, before, during and after daylight saving time.
  • Do it slowly: Gradually adjusting your bedtime and rise time (by 15 to 20 minutes each day) will make the transition easier on your body.
  • It’s not just about sleep: Adjusting the times of other parts of your routine, like mealtimes, that act as “time cues” for your body.
  • Get plenty of sleep Saturday night: Set your clocks an hour ahead the night before daylight saving time, and go to bed at your normal time.
  • Let nature help you: Go outdoors in the week following daylight saving time, as sunlight will help regulate your body clock.

Products to help manage daylight saving time

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