Every Beyoncé Album Cover, Ranked

Beyoncé is an artist who implicitly understands the importance of making a statement. From her incomparable live performances to her chart-topping hits, the groundbreaking artist is always striving for perfection on a level that few other artists ever even graze – and that especially goes for her album covers.  

When a new Beyoncé record hits stores, you best believe it’s going to stand out from the rest of the discs on the shelves, whether she’s delivered a simple but stunning portrait of herself to visually represent the album or plotted an elaborate piece of art that encompasses her new era. As her career has progressed, she’s continued to outdo herself; however, some of her earlier covers will always be tough to beat.  

No matter what is on the front, though, Bey can pretty much always be counted on to dominate the charts whenever she releases a new album. She hasn’t had a studio LP not hit No. 1 on the Billboard 200 in her entire solo career, starting with her 2003 debut Dangerously in Love. She could probably just drop an album with a blank, all-black cover, featuring nothing but her name printed on it, completely out of the blue, and still top the ranking for three weeks straight – oh wait, she already did that in 2013 with her critically acclaimed self-titled fifth studio LP. 

From her first albums post-Destiny’s Child to her later boundary-pushing works, Queen Bey’s discography is packed with iconic covers. Keep reading to see Billboard’s ranking of each one below. 



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