Eclipse Minute: Ways to view eclipse safely

SYRACUSE, N.Y. (WSYR-TV) — We are getting closer to the total solar eclipse! Let’s hope and assume the sky is clear enough for us to see the sun on April 8. That said, are you ready to view it safely?

There are many ways to view this solar spectacle safely. First, use the certified solar eclipse viewing glasses and use the Solar Eclipse Across America website for directions on where to buy the glasses from to avoid getting a knockoff pair which aren’t certified and could lead to you damaging your eyes.

You could also create a pinhole camera, which can be done several different ways, including using a box like we showed you before, or even find a colander in your kitchen. Hold it up to the sun and have a sheet of paper below it. This will cast many disks of the sun on the paper.

If you plan on being outside to watch for more than 20 minutes of the two-and-a-half-hour eclipse event make sure you are wearing sunscreen, otherwise you’ll probably get a sunburn. That’s right, the sun angle on April 8 is equivalent to the sun’s angle around Labor Day.

Lastly, remember, when viewing the eclipse south and east of Syracuse where totality won’t occur at all to wear the eclipse glasses, or use the pinhole camera to protect your eyes during the whole two and a half hours. Syracuse northwest bound will have a short window to view the disk without eye protection.

Let’s hope Mother Nature allows us to see the sun on April 8!

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