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Billboard News exclusively sat down with Dua Lipa. The pop star opened up about her upcoming album ‘Radical Optimism.’ Nicki Nicole is on the cover of Billboard Español and we sat down with Jessica Roiz to get the inside scoop on her conversation with Argentina’s pioneering urban artist. K-pop boy band THE BOYZ members Kevin, Jacob, Hyunjae Lee, Juyeon Lee and Eric stopped by Billboard News to talk about their latest album ‘PHANTASY Pt. 3,’ how fans inspired them to write their song “Love Letter,” and more!

Tetris Kelly
International icon Dua Lipa invited us to chat her new album, and I got to hang with my new besties The Boyz, Nicki Nicole is on the cover of Billboard. And we go backstage with Bebe Rexha and Maren Morris. This is Billboard News for March 19th. And this may be the best episode ever, and I promise I don’t say that every day. First off yesterday, Ariana Grande topped the Billboard Hot 100 And did the sweetest posts, thanking her fans saying, “Let’s promise to keep going.” Congrats Ari and we are all about the pop queens today. Yes, I sat with Dua Lipa, how is this new era of Dua Lipa feeling?

Dua Lipa
It feels good I mean it feels for lack of a better word radically optimistic

Tetris Kelly
The date is May 3rd and the project is Dua Lipa’s ‘Radical Optimism’ and we had the sweetest chat with the pop star about the brand new album, bad dates and oh, and the Spice Girls. The cover is kind of a juxtaposition, right you’re in this calm water, the shark so tell me the inspiration behind the cover art?

Dua Lipa
Throughout the whole record there is this idea of chaos happening around and me trying to push through it in a way that feels authentic and honest. To me this is obviously an overly dramatic way to to explain that but I feel like it says radical optimism to me in the in the clearest sense of being in deep waters.

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