Cortland County neighbors react to closure announcement of Dollar Tree, Family Dollar

CORTLAND COUNTY, N.Y. (WSYR-TV) — Dollar Tree, the owner of Family Dollar, says it will be closing about 1000 of its stores in hopes of improving profit margins, which could take a tremendous toll on rural communities like Cortland County.

For small, rural communities, stores like Dollar Tree and Family Dollar are all they have.

“There aren’t a lot of other options in Cortland as far as getting a reasonable price,” said Jill Dennis, a Cortland County resident.

But neighbors in Cortland County may soon have to shop elsewhere. This comes after Dollar Tree said it will close about 600 store locations nationwide this year and 370 over the next several years as leases expire.

“I would be heartbroken because it’s one of my favorite stores. So I really hope that doesn’t happen,” said Shannon Gavitt, a Cortland County neighbor.

With the Dollar Stores making things easier and less expensive for the mom of four.

“We can do fun things because of this,” said Gavitt.

“They’re just a lot cheaper than other locations, with like $1.25 everything in their store, except for like exclusive things. So it will be a great loss” said Kelcie Stark, another Cortland County resident.

Especially with its location being so convenient, leaving shoppers to drive even further.

“I think it will be challenging for people because they may have to go a little bit further out and since Cortland doesn’t have many shopping places, it probably would be challenging for some people,” said Dennis.

It’s still unclear which, or if any, Central New York stores will be closing their doors for good.

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