Competitions, activities and more: Central New York schools celebrate Pi Day

CENTRAL NEW YORK (WSYR-TV) — On Thursday, March 14, Central New York Schools celebrated what’s called in the math world “pi day.”

March 14 is a tribute to the mathematical constant, pi, as the date represents the first three numbers in pi, 3.14, which appears in many mathematical formulas in math and physics. 

The first event was held at Clary Middle School in Syracuse, where the New York State Department of Transportation (NYSDOT) hosted a “Girls in pi Day” project.

The head of the 81 viaduct project and several female engineers were on hand to talk to students about the massive effort and get the girls thinking about what sort of career they might want to pursue.

“They are the best storytellers for us or communicators for us to tell their parents once their parents are in the car frustrated you know about the construction they can say hey I know somebody who worked on that project and this is about the 81 project and in a few years this is all going to be better,” said Tenesha Murphy, I-81 Viaduct Project community liaison and public information officer.

The next event was at Fayetteville Manlius High School where they held their 14th annual pi day extravaganza.

“We are celebrating the inner math nerd of our students at FM. We have a lot of math-related and pi-related games and activities in this assembly to make it inclusive so anyone whether they love math or hate math has something to enjoy as part of our pi day extravaganza,” said Dina Kushner, math teacher and department leader at FM High School.

At the pi day extravaganza, there’s a pi game show similar to Family Feud, a Rubix cube race and a pi digit memory test to win the trophy of Pi Day king or queen.

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